RFP Consulting

When budgets are finite, it’s important that an RFP (request for proposals) contains the appropriate amount of detail covering the entire project scope. Hebden USA works with clients in the public and private sector to craft elegant documents that ensure that vendors respond with a complete picture of the expected deliverables. Our detailed approach allows vendors to respond with an accurate quote and prevents costs from inflating due to added requirements that were missing from the initial RFP.

Research, discovery & scoping

The scoping phase is as crucial as the final documentation itself. It’s critical for your contract or proposal writer to have a complete understanding of the project, its goals and its expected deliverables. Errors in this phase can lead to bloated costs down the road.

Use cases and interviews

We begin by interviewing key stakeholders and system users to get a complete understanding of what they need and expect at the end of the project. The concerns of a division leader are not necessarily the same as a yeoman system user. It’s important that the concerns of all stakeholders are brought to light so they can be examined and considered within the grand project scope.

Solution research

After solidifying project goals and interviewing key stakeholders, we start looking for solutions. It’s important to be aware of all the solution alternatives and present them to the decision makers to weigh.

Market research

Some solutions are more costly than others. We will perform all the necessary research to determine which solutions are most cost-effective and complete based on the project budget and goals.

RFP writing

Once the research phase concludes and the full scope is understood, development of the actual contract or RFP (request for proposals) can begin. Hebden USA has a long track record of generating solid, complete proposals with detailed and unambiguous specifications. Our vast experience at the state, federal, and private sectors in both planning and bidding on RFPs means that you’ll have access to expertise from both sides of the equation.

Now completed, the RFP draft is distributed to the executive team to review, discuss, and comment. We’ll work directly with you to finalize the documentation and distribute it to vendors.

Proposal review

Hebden USA can also offer assistance in the review and decision making process. During the review process we can point out where vendors are deficient and/or excel compared to the project specifications and scope. We can research and help vet the vendors of interest.  We can set up and join you for phone, screen share, and in-person conferences with the vendors to help you maid your decision.

Contract writing

Once you’ve made your final decision you may also need help writing and executing the contract materials. Hebden USA can help you develop an iron-clad contract that emphasizes deliverables, timelines, quality and milestones. Our contracts protect buyers and vendors alike and prevent unforeseen costs from cropping up as the project matures. We know the pitfalls and loopholes to avoid that can lead to bitter vendor/client disagreements.

It’s important that everyone involved knows what they’re getting and when, and that’s where the Hebden USA contract writing experts come in.