“An excellent partner.”

Will has been a mentor to my business and to me personally. He is a top notch professional in all things related to web design and optimization. He gets it done and done right. His experience in Word Press, PHP, SEO shines through in all of his work product. He is an excellent partner.

These kind words were written by Jim Berlin of Berlin Advisors, a loyal client and great comrade. Jim has worked with Hebden Media on multiple projects.

The amazing thing about Jim is that he’s a true polymath that absorbs skills like a sponge.  Within a few months of knowing the guy, he went from zero knowledge of programming to actually being able to help diagnose bugs in the PHP code. He learned html, CSS, PHP, wordpress… he adapted to the situation in ways that would take a normal person years to figure out.

In addition to that, he’s also a dynamo, a great mover and shaker who generates interesting projects all the time.  We recently launched a new and improved web portal for Suburban Waste Services,  one of the top trash collection and recycling outfits in Pennsylvania and Delaware.


Hebden USA and Berlin Advisors provided a fresh design and improved capabilities such as trash service zip code lookup and ordering, dumpster ordering, integrated blogging and more.

Prior to that, Berlin and Hebden worked together to produce logo and print materials for the Alaska Independent Power Producers Association.


Great project work and autodidacticism aside, Jim is above all else a great guy to work with. He always has everyone laughing and he makes the work enjoyable. Hebden USA gives Jim Berlin and his advisory concern a ringing endorsement!

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