Punchout catalogs customized to your business needs

Punchout e-procurement software allows large entities such as hospital, universities, banks, etc. easily order supplies they need from a network of trusted vendors.  If you’re a vendor with products that large entities want, you need to get in on this!

Connecting the buyer’s eprocurement system to whatever you got

Buyers (e.g. a university of hospital) come equipped with their own eprocurement system that they user for all their regular purchases.  Systems we integrate include Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, Unimarket, Oracle, PeopleSoft Punchout, Oracle Punchout, TBlox and Perfect Commerce… but truth be told we can integrate anything with anything. Once the buyer signs into their preferred eprocurement system, they are presented with a catalog of official vendors from which they can make quick and easy purchases.

Your own ecommerce system

Whether you’re using your own custom ecommerce system or a popular software like VirtueMart, Zen Cart, Magento, OSCommerce or WooCommerce… we can handle it.  We can pretty much handle anything you can throw at is. Or if you prefer to go custom with a complete new punchout system, that’s your call too!

The advantage of working with the Hebden crew is that we can integrate anything. That way you’ll only have to handle your inventory, product images, pricing, etc. all within your current system… no need to learn a whole new thing.

Some companies we’ve worked with on both ends

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